I am trying to create a tabpanel and calling a javascript function with its onclick event. How do I pass the name of the selected tab to a javascript function every time a tab is clicked?

Something like:

<apex:tabPanel switchType="client" selectedTab="Tab1" onclick="javascript:myFunction(this.selectedTab)" //something like this
     <apex:tab label="Tab1" name="Tab1" id="Tab1"> Tab1 </apex:tab>
     <apex:tab label="Tab2" name="Tab2" id="Tab2"> Tab2 </apex:tab>

<script type="text/javascript">
     function myFunction(tabName)
        if(tabName == 'Tab1')
           do something...
         if(tabName == 'Tab2')
           do something...

onclick="javascript:myFunction(this.selectedTab)" does not work .... How can I achieve this please ??


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When using the switchType="client" the tabPanel data is already rendered to the browser so it looks like the best event that you can hook to for detecting a tab switch is the ontabenter event on the tab itself. The oncomplete event is only fired on an ajax switchType to notify you that the ajax request & response process is finished, so that event isn't applicable here.

Salesforce <apex:tab /> Documentation

You can pass the DOM Id of the tab as a parameter to your function using the $Component.yourComponentId syntax. The DOM Id which is rendered is the tab body, not the label (shown as a tab) though it is trivial to get a reference to the tab as shown below.

    function tabSwitchHandler(elementId) {
        console.log('Tab body DOM Id: ' + elementId);

        // the tab is the body DOM id suffixed by _lbl
        var tabId = elementId + '_lbl';

        // get the tab itself
        var tabLabelElement = document.getElementById(tabId);

        // get the body
        var tabBodyElement = document.getElementById(elementId);


<apex:tabPanel switchType="client" selectedTab="name2" id="theTabPanel">
    <apex:tab label="One" name="name1" id="tabOne" ontabenter="tabSwitchHandler('{!$Component.tabOne}');">content for tab one</apex:tab>
    <apex:tab label="Two" name="name2" id="tabTwo" ontabenter="tabSwitchHandler('{!$Component.tabTwo}');">content for tab two</apex:tab>

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