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I've added a profile recently and I want to display an extra button for that profile on the visualforce page. I've tried a couple of things but it doesn't seem to work. Here is what I've tried:

<apex:outputPanel id="loggedAtkins" layout="block" 
      rendered="{!AND(ISPICKVAL($User.UserType,'Atkins'), $Site.LoginEnabled)}" >    

I've sucessfully did it for Guest and not guest user accounts using this method

<apex:outputPanel id="notlogged" layout="block" 
          rendered="{!AND(ISPICKVAL($User.UserType,'Guest'), $Site.LoginEnabled)}" >

<apex:outputPanel id="logged" layout="block" 
                   rendered="{!NOT(ISPICKVAL($User.UserType,'Guest'))}" >      

Does anyone know how to show certain information only for specific users.?

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it works when you use the global profile variable:

rendered="{!$Profile.Name == 'Your Profile Name'}"

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