After becoming frustrated with the half-dozen Profiles that all do the same thing (except for subtle differences here and there), I have started on cleaning up my org's permissions scheme.

My basic idea is to have as few Profiles as possible, and a separate Permission Set for each task a User may perform in their job. This allows the organization to change position responsibilities flexibly, reduces my maintenance burden, and documents not only who has access to a thing, but why they have it.

I'm now fully bought into cutting out Profiles altogether, but I recognize that the platform isn't. What is the full set of things that Profiles control that I can't alter in Permission Sets?


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To start, this is my list so far:

  • The Default Case User must be on a Profile that has Can Modify All Data.
  • Page Layouts Assignments
  • Login restrictions
  • Password policies
  • Session settings
  • A User's default Default Record Types (Users can optionally change their Default Record Types - this simply establishes their defaults).
  • Any User who should be in a Delegated Group for administration must have View Setup and Configuration in their Profile. (? this may be permission settable)

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