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I'm having this peculiar problem now in which I try to 'refresh from server' on my Eclipse copy of a Sandbox Environment in order to retrieve a Permission Set and all I get is a Permission Set that has so many things missing inside it.

The 'refresh from server' seems it doesn't work because the contents of the Permission Set only has the <UserPermissions>, it doesn't have all <classAccess>, <fieldPermissions>, etc...

Is this an Eclipse bug? I was able to retrieve the Permission Sets on this Sandbox a month ago without any problems but now I can't get correct contents for my Permission Sets.

Lastly, I checked the Package.xml and the value inside is only this:


I tried adding the specific PermissionSet on the Package.xml and I still can't retrieve correct Permission Sets.


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  • What all is in your project in Eclipse? It's only going to contain permissions for items in your project. – cricketlang Mar 21 '16 at 15:34