Could you please clarify my below queries on email alert which we have under workflow

  1. How many recipients can i add under email alert?
  2. Can i add group emailID (Eg. Supportmembersgroup@yahoo.com) which contains more than 50 recipients.

In Cc also I need to add more than 10 recipients, is email alert will work for this functionality Or I should go with apex class?

  • Workflow email alerts don't support cc:, only Additional To - limited to 5 constant email addresses, separated by commas.
    – cropredy
    Mar 20 '16 at 20:39
  • Hi Chris! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, In additional recipients among that 5, can I add single group email (Eg. SupportMemberGroup@company.com)which contains more than 50 recipients? will it work?
    – Sab__Dev
    Mar 21 '16 at 3:12
  • Yes, see my answer below Mar 21 '16 at 10:39

There are limits, but the limit you are likely going to hit is the daily limit for workflow emails.

enter image description here

You can though add an alias in the additional emails section. Even if that alias (EntireCompany@yourcompany.com) redistributes that to hundreds of additional emails, its still just counts as a single workflow email towards your limit.

See the limits doc for yourself here

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