We have Omni-Channel implemented for all user/agents, I am able to run reports (on the website) against users "Show: All user presences, Current State equals True, etc etc" (results are expected, name, service presence, is current state, capacity info, duration, etc" and that works great.

However I cannot find where this is stored in the database schemas for access from SOQL. Additionally When I dump all the schema objects (standard + custom) there are no columns that grep presence or capacity

Can anyone share with me where that data is located and direct me to where the I would find that for myself documentation wise? I see where the Omni API is which are functions, but not the backing storage for these.

Thank you!


Is this the query you're looking for?

SELECT Id, User.Name, ServicePresenceStatus.MasterLabel, StatusDuration, ConfiguredCapacity 
FROM UserServicePresence 
WHERE IsCurrentState = true

I used the documentation that @javanoob referenced above and the developer console.

  • Fascinating, this UserServicePresense schema doesn't appear in my Schema list (label name or api level name). Worked great, thank you both.
    – hpavc
    Mar 31 '16 at 15:50

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