So let me explain my issue.

We have a custom object example custom_object__c. We decided to override the detail page using our custom VF page.

SO we have one more VF page that will be home page of custom_object__c

In home page we are using

<apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Action.custom_object__c.View, custom_object.id)}">

This link will redirect to detail page.

In detail Page We are using apex:dynamicComponent for related list. (Actually we are using custom setting to maintain the related list)

<apex:dynamicComponent componentValue="{!FundGroupRelatedLists}" />

Controller code

public Component.Apex.OutputPanel getFundGroupRelatedLists()
        Component.Apex.OutputPanel dynOutPanel= new Component.Apex.OutputPanel(); 
        for(Custom_setting__c objRelatedList: [SELECT Name FROM Custom_setting__c 
                                                WHERE Active__c = true ORDER BY Order__c])
           Component.Apex.RelatedList dynRelList = new Component.Apex.RelatedList();
           dynRelList.list = objRelatedList.Name;
        return dynOutPanel;

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If I click on show more it redirect to home page..

Here I am facing Issue.. Seems like salesforce bug.

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I am able to resolve this issue just removing the VF global variable action in my First VF page.

<apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Action.custom_object__c.View, custom_object.id)}">


<apex:outputLink value="/{!custom_object.id}" >

What I found. When we use the visualforce global variables action. It will append the redirect url with record Id.

Like this


That is causing the issue. If we just pass the Id in url



Then My show 5 more then It work fine... Looks like salesforce bug. I raised a support case. Let wait and see what salesforce say about this behaviour.

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