While going through the Database Class documents I couldn't understand few definition.


Initiates a request to delete the external data that corresponds to the 
specified external object record. The request is executed asynchronously,
as a background operation, and is sent to the external system that's defined by
the external object's associated external data source.

What are they trying to refer as: External Data , external system

It would be great if someone can point me an example.

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External data here refers to the External Objects . External Objects are those that don't reside inside Salesforce system and instead reside outside SFDC while SFDC just stores there metadata definitions .

Any HTTP request can be converted into external objects in salesforce .Odata 4.0 and Odata 2.0 can also be converted into external objects .

Here is a Trailhead module on the same .The module teaches how to set up a simple external salesforce object from the external data source

Deleteasync will allow you to delete data or remove a row from the external system via an outbound call from the SFDC .

  • Thank a lot for pointing the trailhead link @mohit. I ll go through it and mark your ans. Mar 14, 2016 at 5:52

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