I've just deployed the Custom Metadata Loader app to my sandbox and am trying to load my first batch of records for my Custom Metadata Type Interchange_Table__mdt.

When I select the CSV containing my records, the Metadata Type from the type picklist and click Create custom metadata, I get the following error

Web service callout failed: WebService returned a SOAP Fault: Must specify the name in the CustomMetadataType.CustomMetadata format, Name:Interchange_Table., Delimiter:. faultcode=soapenv:Client faultactor= Error is in expression '{!createCustomMetadata}' in component in page custommetadatarecorduploader: Class.MetadataService.MetadataPort.createMetadata: line 9254, column 1 Class.MetadataUtil.createMetadataAndValidate: line 116, column 1 Class.MetadataUtil.transformToCustomMetadataAndCreate: line 83, column 1 Class.CustomMetadataUploadController.importCSVFileAndCreateCmdRecords: line 120, column 1 Class.CustomMetadataUploadController.createCustomMetadata: line 45, column 1

My spreadsheet looks like this

metadata records example

and I can't see any significant difference between this and the sample data which is included in the Github repository which looks like this so I can't work out what's causing the error?

sample data

I've also opened an issue with this question in the GitHub repository for the app here & posted the question in the Custom Metadata Types Success Group here. I will update this question if I get an answer on either site.

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The issue was caused by the .'s in my Label name, as explained by the app's creator here.

"The app tries to default the dev name to the modified label (removing spaces) if [the] name is not provided. Since this label is not of the right format, it fails. So try to add a [developer] name column to your csv and use the right format for the name."

The final format was

updated formatting

The date format also needed updating to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SSZ. The updated field API names were only necessary because of changes that I'd made in my org, after posting the first screenshot.


In my case the issue was caused by not prepending the custom MDT name to the custom mdt record. So if the Custom Metadata Type name is My_Custom_Metadata__c, and the individual record name (label) is My Record, the developername should be:

customMetadata.fullName = My_Custom_Metadata.My_Record

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