I am trying to retrieve automation object by following this guide


I received an innerException in results. ErrorMessage: "No rows were found"

 // Create RetrieveRequest
            etAPI.RetrieveRequest rr = new etAPI.RetrieveRequest();
            rr.ObjectType = "Automation";

            rr.Properties = new string[] { "ProgramID", "Name", "CustomerKey" };

            etAPI.SimpleFilterPart filter = new etAPI.SimpleFilterPart();
            filter.Property = "CustomerKey";
            filter.SimpleOperator = etAPI.SimpleOperators.equals;
            filter.Value = new string[] { "MY AUTOMATION CUSTOMER KEY" };
            rr.Filter = filter;

I also read this post, about using ProgramID, have a simple filter in the request.

Object Reference Error on "Automation" RetrieveRequest

I've also tried using different filter value: Status = 1, or IsActive = true, Name = "blah" with no luck, any one has any ideas please?

The API username I am using has permission to access AutomationStudio

Permission setting


It appears that Automation is not retrievable via SOAP API. I need to change it to "Program" and send raw XML request to endpoint.

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