I have an Estimated Value field on the Account object. I am using that field on a Visualforce Page to search.

When user enters more than 9 values (eg: 10000000000) and clicks on the search button it converts formats the number like 1.0E+12.

How can I avoid this and make store the unformulated value (10000000000)?


<apex:input type="number" value="{!estimatedValue}"/>


public Double estimatedValue { get; set; }

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I found that if I bind to a Double I observe the behavior you described, whereas with a basically any other number Type I do not.

public Double doubleValue { get; set; }   // displays as you observe
public Decimal decimalValue { get; set; } // displays as you want
public Integer integerValue { get; set; } // displays as you want
public Long longValue { get; set; }       // displays as you want

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