I have a requirement where I have a number of Resources and I'll be allocating the resources to the events. Now I need a report where I need to show all the resources and the dates in which they're booked. I am not able to find the Resource object so is there anyway to do it?

The Resource I'm talking about is the Public Calendars and Resources

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A resource is a type of invitee. A standard report exists to show events and invitees: Under Activity Reports select the Events with Invitees.

Now if you customize this report, you can add a field filter, and filter on the invitee type to show 'resources'.

You have to have created resource calendars of course to see them.


This can be done using the standard report that exists under Activity Report as follows

Activity Report -> Events with Invitees Under the Report section of SalesForce. This can be customized based on the invitee type to show the resources and respective Resources must be added to view them.

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