We have installed and subsequently updated the Marketing Cloud Connect to v 5.494.1. We have also updated authentication to the connected app method per the upgrade instructions.

What is puzzling is that data stream doesn't appear to be immediately available. When we enter the data sources part of Contact Builder there is no option for synchronized. I am logged in as a API User / Admin user connected to the Sales Cloud connect user on the SFDC side.

Is there something missing from the documentation here? Does each account wanting to use Data Stream / Synchronized objects need to actually call support for something to be turned on in provisioning?


You are correct, you would need to reach out to SFMC Support.

They have to enable additional settings on the back-end for this to be fully provisioned. This is done to ensure all Prerequisites are met as mentioned in the below link. Hope that helps!


  • For others: This worked fine. Support got this turned around in no time at all after logging a ticket with Global Support. – Justin Mar 3 '16 at 21:02

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