I have one custom object(named: Class__c),it has master another custom object (Plan__c). Further this Plan has Standard object Opportunity as master.

I have Class.csv files which contains classes objects. This csv file also has external id of Plan__c object.

When i am importing Classes object and using following releationship:


Where External_Plan_Class_Key__c is the external key for Class object and External_Plan_Key__c is the external key for plan object.

It is throwing error

required filed plan__c is missing.plan__c is the master filed on class object for plans.

I was expecting like,if load will first match external keys for class if it does not exist it should insert it.

In our Buisness:plan is always come in class.csv files which will always exst in salesforce.(no upsert for plan,only update were there).

Still it is asking for plan__c missing field. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Arun sharma

  • You want to perform update with external id ? either use Id+update or external_id+upsert combination – karthikselva Mar 1 '16 at 4:59
  • could you please help me how would mapping would go.External_Plan_Class_Key__c and plan__r\:External_Plan_Key__c.. – David Mycka Mar 1 '16 at 5:21

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