Is there any way I can disable the Discussions tab from the Search Results component on Community Builder?

Note: I'm currently using Napili template

enter image description here

I've tried the answer on this post Disable "Ask The Community" on Salesforce Communities

putting a blank label on for the tab, but it doesn't work for this component, it still defaults to the Discussions tab when the users redirects to this page even if it doesn't have any label anymore as you can see from the screenshot below. I just want it to default to the Articles tab instead of the discussion section. enter image description here

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


You can change the Active tab just to point to "articles"

Check below settings in builder

enter image description here

Here are results

enter image description here

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    Oooops. Sorry Mohith, posted the same time. i'll mark yours as best answer – sfdx Feb 29 '16 at 22:51
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Someone from the salesforce success community has already answered my query and it did work!!

Here's the post from salesforce community. Credits to James Goerke

Disable Discussions on Salesforce Communities

You can Default the Articles Tab to show up first on by changing the Active Tab to "articles".

enter image description here

Cheers, Sean

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