This idea https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000BqQmAAK requesting the ability to be able to define a custom login page (e.g. with you own branding) is marked as "delivered" but with no link to what was actually delivered.

But there is still activity on this thread http://brianpeddle.com/2011/06/06/building-a-custom-salesforce-login/ that dates from 2011.

What is the best way to create a custom login page (for a standard "salesforce" or "salesforce platform" licensed user that logs in to the normal salesforce pages i.e. not sites) today?

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You can implement My Domain and enable SSO, what this then does is give you a custom URL for your org.

Eg acme.my.salesforce.com

When you navigate to this URL, rather than presenting the login.salesforce.com screen, it sends browser redirect with a SAML Request to your configured IdP, which can then present a branded login screen.

  • The "My Domain" feature is cool, but appears to be just a way to change the initial and subsequent URLs to include your brand name. I'm looking to use the normal built in IdP (salesforce username/password) but just with different content in the login page: are you saying that this is possible via the SSO mechanism? Can you point me to more detail on how?
    – Keith C
    Commented May 3, 2013 at 9:08
  • There may be an option to do this without My DOmain and SSO (the newly announced Communities or existing Portals), but i can certainly vouch for the My Domain /SSO approach, as in this way you are delegating the Identity Management to a 3rd party, eg ADFS or Ping, where you can set up your own custom Login Page, which is presented by the IdP when someone tries to login. Commented May 3, 2013 at 13:07

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