Trying to setup a hybrid_remote mobile ios app using the forceios and not able to bypass the login screen. Here is what I did:

Step 1. forceios create

    Enter your application type (native, native_swift, react_native, hybrid_remote, or hybrid_local): hybrid_remote
    Enter your application name: bp_mobile
    Enter the output directory for your app (defaults to the current directory): 
    Enter the package name for your app (com.mycompany.my_app): com.bp.mobile
    Enter your organization name (Acme, Inc.): bp
    Enter the start page for your app (only applicable for hybrid_remote apps): bpsbox1-bp.cs10.force.com/BPMobile/BP_Community_Splash
    Enter your Connected App ID (defaults to the sample app's ID): 
    Enter your Connected App Callback URI (defaults to the sample app's URI): 
    Using cordova CLI version 6.0.0 to create the hybrid app.
    Creating a new cordova project.

Step 2. cordova platform add ios

Step 3. cordova prepare

Step 4: Open bp_mobile.xcodeproj

Step 5: Add SFDCOAuthLoginHost to plist

enter image description here

When I open the app on the emulator it wants to login to Salesforce. I don't need authentication enabled for the mobile as authentication is done by community app login page which is a visualforce page. When I look at bootconfig.json:

      "remoteAccessConsumerKey": "3MVG9Iu66FKeHhINkB1l7xt7kR8czFcCTUhgoA8Ol2Ltf1eYHOU4SqQRSEitYFDUpqRWcoQ2.dBv_a1Dyu5xa",
      "oauthRedirectURI": "testsfdc:///mobilesdk/detect/oauth/done",
      "oauthScopes": [
      "isLocal": false,
      "startPage": "bpsbox1-bp.cs10.force.com/BPMobile/BP_Community_Splash",
      "errorPage": "error.html",
      "shouldAuthenticate": true,
      "attemptOfflineLoad": false

When I change shouldAuthenticate to false the app fails and throws and exception.

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Can you make sure you have the latest version of the mobile sdk:

npm install -g forceios

Then try with the steps here.

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