I would like to create a permission set to give an access to all quote templates.

I do not want some users within the same profile to see or have access to the quotes template.

How to user can only access quote in App setup menu > Customize > Quotes.


please go through following information:   Customizing Quote PDFs with Quote Templates Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed

To create quote templates:  "Customize Application"

To view quote templates:          "View Setup and Configuration"

Use quote templates to design, preview, and activate custom templates for the quotes you send to your customers.

Navigating the Quote Templates Editor The template editor has two parts: a palette at the top and a template layout below. The palette contains the elements you can add to the layout, including list and section, and fields that you can add to sections.

  • Click  beneath the palette to expand or collapse it.

  • In the left column, select an object to display its fields on the palette.

  • Use Quick Find to easily locate items on the palette.

Working with the Quote Templates Editor

  • To add an element to the template, drag it from the palette to the layout. Use a section to add and arrange fields from the quote object. Use a list to create a table with fields from another object, such as quote line item. The Text/Image Field lets you enter text or upload an image, such as your company logo.

  • Press CTRL+click to select multiple fields and SHIFT+click to select a range.

  • To remove an element from the layout, drag it back to the palette, or hover over its title bar and click .

  • When you drag a section, select Hide Title if you don't want the section's title to appear on the template or the PDF.

  • For any section, (including a header or footer), you can change the number of columns, adjust field alignment, and hide or show field labels. Click  and make the changes you want.

  • To step backward or forward, click Undo and Redo.

  • To change the properties of any component on the layout, double-click its title bar or click .

  • To rename the template, click Quote Template Properties.

  • To preview your template, click Save and Preview.

  • To save your changes and continue editing the template, click Quick Save.

  • To save your changes when you're finished editing the template, click Save.

  • Don't navigate away from the template before clicking Save or you'll lose your changes.

You can also go through following url: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=quotes_template_create.htm&language=en_US

Hope this helps you!


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