While trying to overcome the problem with <apex:outputLink target="_blank"> not working under Lightning Experience, I found this atricle; they propose checking the {!$User.UIThemeDisplayed} return value to understand, if the VF page is currently rendered under Classic UI or LX (Lightning Experience) UI.

I applied <apex:outputLink target="{!IF($User.UIThemeDisplayed == 'Theme3', '_blank', '_self')}" ...> as a solution, so that the link either opens in a new tab under Classic UI, or "replaces" currently viewed page under the LX UI.

This solution worked correctly just yesterday, but today the check fails: for some odd reason, $User.UIThemeDisplayed now returns "Theme3" even when I access the page from LX UI. I have created a testing VF page to check this behavior, (also checking the presence of some JS objects available only under Salesforce1):

<script type="text/javascript">
    myContext.ForceUI = myContext['ForceUI'] || {};

    myContext.ForceUI.UserUIThemeDisplayed = '{!$User.UIThemeDisplayed}';
    myContext.ForceUI.UserUITheme = '{!$User.UITheme}';
    myContext.ForceUI.isSalesforce1 = (typeof sforce != 'undefined') && sforce && !!sforce.one;

    // Output results into the <div> element on this page
    var targetEl = document.getElementById('debugOutput');
    if (targetEl && myContext.ForceUI) {
        targetEl.innerHTML = '<pre>' + JSON.stringify(myContext.ForceUI, null, '    ') + '</pre>';

DebugOutput under Classic UI:

    "UserUIThemeDisplayed": "Theme3",
    "UserUITheme": "Theme3",
    "isSalesforce1": false

DebugOutput under Lignting Experience UI:

    "UserUIThemeDisplayed": "Theme3",
    "UserUITheme": "Theme3",
    "isSalesforce1": true

As you can see, only checking the sforce object's availability has worked correctly...

Looks like a bug?.. Has anyone faced with the same problem?

Additional info: I have just found this is a browser-specific issue. This is only reproduced under Mozilla Firefox browser.

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