the code compiles but the page has Attempt to de-reference a null object.I tried system.assertequals so myTeacher and teacherSet is not null but myTea is null. it does not return error and i have no clue what went wrong. (hardcoded selectedSId for testing)

 public void fetchTeacherInfo(){

            selectedSId = 'a0P28000001pOBa';
                for (student__c stud : [Select Id, name, first_name__c, parent__c, teacher_set__c from student__c WHERE Id = : selectedSId]){   
                    teacherSet = stud.teacher_set__c;
                 for (teacher__c myTeacher : [Select Id, name, first_name__c, teacher_set__c, middle_name__c from teacher__c WHERE teacher_set__c = : teacherSet]){

                 if (myTeacher !=  null)

                            //  system.assertequals(myTea + 'test','test');


You need to initialize your set before adding value in it..

In your constructor

myTea = new set<Id>();

after that you can add value in this set


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