This is loosely related to a recent question: Standard Button CODE Available?

Does anyone know of any examples/tutorials on creating a custom button which will set values into the PARENT record of the record/object that the button is clicked from?

Example: Opportunity has a Custom Object called Company Form. When Credit Card data is submitted via a Company Form and approved by various parties, they'd like a button to copy the CCard data into similarly named fields on the Parent (Opportunity).

So CreditCard_Name__c would be copied to the Opportunity's CCard_Name__c field as an example.

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You can use a custom JS button and it would look something like this-


var connection = sforce.connection;

var oppty = "{!Company_forms__c.OpportunityId__c}";

if (oppty  != "")
    var opp = new sforce.SObject("Opportunity");
    opp.Id = oppty ;
    opp.CCard_Name__c = "{!Company_forms__c.CreditCard_Name__c}";

    alert("There is no Opportunity to update.");

Here is a good reference: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/ajax/Content/sforce_api_ajax_more_samples.htm


Is there really a need for a button? You could accomplish this with workflow:

  1. Create a WF with rule, Company Form -> Status = "Approved"
  2. Create Field Updates with Cross Object WF that would copy these values from the Company Form to the Account

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