When am trying to click on Attach Another file button ,selected file on first input file is getting null.

Here is the code.

    public class SamplePageController{

 public  List<Attachment> allFileList {get; set;}
 public boolean showMorePanel {get;set;}

 public SamplePageController(){
  allFileList2 = new list<Attachment>();

 public void addMoreFiles(){
     allFileList.add(new Attachment());
     showMorePanel = true;   


 <apex:page controller="SamplePageController">
 <apex:form >
  <apex:pageBlock >
   <apex:pageBlockSection title="Attach Files" columns="1">
   <apex:outputPanel id="morefiles"> 
     <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!showMorePanel}">
     <apex:repeat value="{!allFileList}" var="f">
       <apex:inputText label="File Name"/>
       <apex:inputfile value="{!f.body}" filename="{!f.name}">
  <apex:outputPanel id="Mypanel">   
    <apex:outputPanel >   
    <apex:actionregion >    
    <apex:commandButton action="{!addMoreFiles}" value="Attach Another File" reRender="morefiles" style="float: left;" />

enter image description here

When I click on Attach Another file button,value of first input file is getting null.

enter image description here


I know this is not an exact answer to your question but I think that, in consideration for heap size, you may want to change your code so the "Attach New File" button actually uploads the first attachment and then re-initializes the variable so a new file can be uploaded, instead of allowing X files to be uploaded at the same time.

That way you avoid the inevitable problems that will arise (after you fix the code) if the user tries to attach X number of files, and then the sheer size of those attachments blows your heap.

I've implemented this solution before, just as I described it, and it works wonders.

  • Also. The OOB SFDC attachment UI doesn't permit multiple attachments to be uploaded in the same POST and were there a solution for the OP design, one would have thought SFDC would have provided it by now as the user benefit is obvious. – cropredy Feb 23 '16 at 5:24

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