I would like to use date LookupOrderedRows()

My code:

SET @DetailRows = LookupOrderedRows("ST_Import_date", 1, "ID ASC", "Import_Date", Format(now(),"MM/dd/yyyy"))

When I try to get the rows with respect to current date, I am not getting matching rows(row count is 0). but the DE does contains today's date.

Could you please help me if I miss anything?


Dates in SFMC are stored with the time (e.g. datetime). In order to retrieve a row, you'll need to know the time portion also. All of the AMPScript lookup functions require an exact match.

Another option is to use API filter with AMPScript. It's a little more involved, but it allows you to use more operators.

AMPScript InvokeRetrieve

You'd want to use the DataExtensionObject[DECustomerKey] Object to pull from a Data Extension. Partial example can be found in this answer.

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