I am working on developing custom salesforce app (Survey app) in salesforce, things so far i have done are.
Add survey
Add Survey Questions
Making the survey Link Public.
Take Survey
Survey Result etc.

Public Survey Link is here:

Now i need to know that how can i Create a custom Login and Custom registration for an external user(Could be anyone), so, before taking the survey, users could login or Register themselves into salesforce. I need the way to Login or register.

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Creating custom login and registration beyond Salesforce platform users breaks TOS of Salesforce and can lead to legal issues in future. So I highly recommend you to use the out of the box Salesforce user management for this

Possible duplicate of Is there any session objects in salesforce ?

  • So, we cannot create/register user on public websites in salesforce for non salesforce users at all unless they have salesforce license am i right ? @karthikselva
    – Adil Shah
    Feb 25, 2016 at 6:29

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