I have a simple 2 test unit test class that I've executed before with no problem. I added another test method (making it 2 tests total) and ran the unit test from the dev console and it just runs and runs (it's been over an hour now and it usually takes around 10 sec to complete). Any way to kill a unit test?

  • Given Salesforce's multi-tenant limits, I'm surprised this is happening. Possibly more likely is there's some disconnect between your browser and the test server, so that either the test results aren't being returned and displayed, or the test run is being shown as being posted, but actually hasn't happened.
    – powlo
    Feb 19 '16 at 12:48

Go to force.com setup > Build > Develop > Apex Test Execution > Select your test and click on Abort. It will solve your problem

enter image description here

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