Could we make the standard lookup dialog more usable. When new users enter the org and try to create a record with a lookup field in it- since they are not aware of the existing parent record names it ends up being difficult to select a parent record. Is there any way or hack to bring in all the parent records, at least some, so that user can choose easily. Thanks

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I really doubt this is possible with standard layouts having look-ups dialog. According to SFDC Documentation

When you perform a blank lookup, a list of all recently used records displays. Search results vary for some object types:

  • For standard lookups of products and queues, the dialog shows an alphabetical listing of the first 50 records.
  • For standard lookups of campaigns, the dialog shows the first 100 active campaigns.
  • For the asset standard lookup on a case, the dialog shows all the assets tied to the contact on the case, if any.
  • For standard or enhanced lookups of users, the dialog shows a list of recently accessed user records from across your organization.

Custom objects are listed in descending order by the date when you most recently accessed them. It can be achieved by custom VF page and lookup.

  • Thanks manjit. Could you think of any hack by which we can make the new user see the recent records in the lookup dialog. Like he has accesed them before?
    – Prajith
    Feb 16, 2016 at 15:31

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