Hi I am using Lightning components inside a Visualforce page. And I'm trying to display the visualforce page on the sf1 app by creating a action button. I created a action button, type- custom visualforcepage , and linked it to a Visualforce page that has lightning components.

I have edited the Accounts object page layout. I have added this action button to the salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section on the accounts object layout.

In the sf1 app, when I click on the button just now i added to layout, the visual force page is not correctly displaying the lightning components . I need to set the width and height of this visualforcepage to the view size of the sf1 app.so that the contents are displayed correctly. For now I have used the mobile design templates in my visualforce page


Can anyone let me know how to display the contents of the lightning components with out any errors in the Visualforce page.? As of now I can't clearly view buttons , labels, fields.

  • If you have lightning component ,you can directly use lightning tabs to create your tab for SF1 or use app builder to build lightning page Feb 16, 2016 at 12:36


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