I have installed force.com IDE successfully in eclipse and trying to create new project but i am getting the below error message. Coould you please help me to come out from this issue. enter image description here

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This might be a bit old but I just encountered the same problem and it turns out that on the corporate network there was a self signed root SSL certificate.

In order to overcome this problem I had to add the SSL into the JVM keystore as described here

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    great! this is working! OP should accept this as the answer. Commented Aug 7, 2019 at 15:57

This looks like a Java truststore issue to me. If you had overwritten anything in the JVM installation, it may be affecting your connection to Salesforce.


I have resolved this issue follow the below steps.

Go to Eclipse IDE Windows → Preferences → Network Connections and set Active Provider to Direct.

This issue is related to the Eclipse IDE Network Connections, i found this workaround from below Link


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