I'm trying to get Tracking information from ExactTarget using FueldSDK for Java, but it doesn't seem to include the class ETOpenEvent as in other languages.

For example, with C# you can do this:

Using FuelSDK;
ET_Client myclient = new ET_Client();
ET_OpenEvent openevent = new ET_OpenEvent();
openevent.AuthStub = myclient;
GetReturn results = openevent.Get();
Console.WriteLine("Get Status: " + results.Status.ToString());

How do I do this in Java?


Please, check this url: Retriving OpenEvent Details using SubscriberKey with this example:

RetrieveRequest retrieveRequest = RetrieveRequest.Factory.newInstance();
retrieveRequest.setPropertiesArray(new String[] { "ObjectID", "SendID", "SubscriberKey", "BatchID" });

SimpleFilterPart filter = SimpleFilterPart.Factory.newInstance(); 
filter.setValueArray(new String[] { "example@example.com" }); 

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