I have a requirement where we will receive a parent product id and List of childProductInfo from other system.

Our task in SFDC will be to find the existing parent product (1st input parameter : string parentProdId) and search for existing child product (2nd input parameter : List<childProductInfo>).

If we will find all incoming child parameters are there in SFDC then its ok , if there are indeed some new feed is coming, then insert new products with the parameters given as input.

I have implemented this requirement as SOAP web service.

But, I want to implement this as REST API.

I know we have to write a global static post method (@HttpPost), but can we pass a List as a parameter ?

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    Did you try that and receive any error?
    – Patlatus
    Feb 14, 2016 at 9:07

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Providing childProductInfo can be serialized (which is can if it is a simple Apex class) an @HttpPost can handle a List:

global class Temp {

    global class ChildProductInfo {
        public String info;
        public Integer moreInfo;
        // ...

    global static void doPost(Id parentProdId, List<ChildProductInfo> childProdInfos) {
        // ...

In my experience with @RestResource any signature problems are reported at compile time.

The JSON to be posted to the above would look like this:

    "parentProdId": "...",
    "childProdInfos": [{"info": "abc", "moreInfo": 123}, {"info": "xyz", "moreInfo": 789}]
  • Thank you!. With the help of above data and with the workbench REST tool. I could able to understand the flow. Feb 14, 2016 at 19:33

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