I am new to salesforce. I created an apex class and exposed it as a Rest service. I want to post some parameters to that service from an external client(not vf page). One way is I append it to the url something like myservice/functionName/parameter1/parameter2. But I want to send them as GET/POST parameters. Does anyone know how to read those parameters in the apex class?

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Rather than accept say form encoded parameters it is usually more convenient (for the client and in the Apex code) to accept a JSON string that holds the parameters. For the POST case:

global static Result post() {
    String jsonString = RestContext.request.requestBody.toString();
    // Use Apex JSON class to parse

For GET parameters you have to do your own string manipulation of the URL that you can obtain from the static field RestContext.request.requestURI. (Or better use params as Jitendra illustrates.)


If you want to test the REST API below:

@RestResource (urlMapping='/wte/test/*')
global class WTE_SampleRESTService {
    global static void doGet() {
        String id = RestContext.request.params.get('id');
        System.debug('ID: '+ id);

    global static void doPost(String id, String name) {
        System.debug('ID: '+id+', Name: '+name);

You can use Workbench or curl.

enter image description here

above image shows Testing using Workbench

This post might be very helpful for you.


The following apex class example will allow you to set parameters in the query string for a post request -

@RestResource(urlmapping = '/sendComment/*')

global without sharing class postComment {

global static void postComment(){

    //create parameters 

    string commentTitle = RestContext.request.params.get('commentTitle');
    string textBody = RestContext.request.params.get('textBody');       

    //equate the parameters with the respective fields of the new record

    Comment__c thisComment = new Comment__c(
        Title__c = commentTitle,
        TextBody__c = textBody, 


    insert thisComment; 

    RestContext.response.responseBody = blob.valueOf('[{"Comment Id": 
    '+JSON.serialize(thisComment.Id)+', "Message" : "Comment submitted 

The URL for the above API class will look like -

/services/apexrest/sendComment?commentTitle=Sample title&textBody=This is a comment


You would be better off by using the Composite API to achieve this.


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