I have issue with the below code when executing gives the error "System.LimitException: Too many SOQL queries: 101". Is there a way to optimize the below code?

As per the error log, it happens when executing "Select Id, Country_Key__c, Description__c,....."

for (Samples__c s: Trigger.new) {    

        String countryKey = s.Country__c;
        String regionKey = s.State_Province__c;         
        countryKey = countryKey.toUpperCase();
        Map<String, String> countryCodeMap = new Map<String, String>();

        Map < String, Map < String, Validation_Region__c >> validRegions = new Map < String, Map < String, Validation_Region__c >> ();

        for (Validation_Region__c objR: [Select Id, Country_Key__c, Description__c, Name FROM Validation_Region__c WHERE Country_Key__c = :countryKey ]) {
            String countryKeyInner = objR.Country_Key__c;
            Map < String, Validation_Region__c > regionMap = validRegions.get(countryKey);

            if (regionMap == null) {
                regionMap = new Map < String, Validation_Region__c > ();
                validRegions.put(countryKeyInner, regionMap);
            string regionKeys = objR.Name;
            regionMap.put(regionKeys, objR);
        if ((countryKey == 'HK'  || countryKey == 'IE') && (s.Zip_Postal_Code__c.length() > 0)) { //Condition for length of  0!
            s.addError('There is an error. ' + countryKey + ' do not have postal codes.');               

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Before your loop over Trigger.new, do this single query for the Validation_Region__c objects for all the country keys:

Map<String, List<Validation_Region__c>> m = new Map<String, List<Validation_Region__c>>();
for (Samples__c s: Trigger.new) {
    m.put(s.Country__c.toUpperCase(), new List<Validation_Region__c>());
for (Validation_Region__c r : [
        Select Id, Country_Key__c, Description__c, Name
        FROM Validation_Region__c
        WHERE Country_Key__c in :m.keySet()
        ]) {

and then inside your Trigger.new loop you can get the list of Validation_Region__c objects without any further queries from the map:

for (Validation_Region__c objR: m.get(countryKey)) {
  • Thank you Keith!! <br/> I also need to get another field "Zip_Postal_Code__c" from the Trigger.new to be used along with Country__c. How can I add that to the Map?
    – Gopi
    Feb 10, 2016 at 23:46
  • @Gopi Not entirely sure what logic you are looking for. But if its Validation_Region__c keyed by a zip code, have a second map created and used much like the m map except using Validation_Region__c as the key.
    – Keith C
    Feb 11, 2016 at 8:42

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