In Domain Driven Design a single pattern is drawing a lot of attention to itself - Domain Events and Event Queues.

enter image description here (slide via http://de.slideshare.net/andysal/never-mind-the-bollocks-heres-the-domain-driven-design)

Domain Events models non-technical events as their own entity and allow code that needs to react to those event to subscribe to such events. A kind of Pub/Sub, Observer pattern to decouple code.

I'm a strong believer in applying Enterprise Pattern to the Apex space especially if they are adapted to the special characteristics of the Force.com platform. I see a great use case in using libraries like the awesome FinancialForce Apex Common.

So my questions to the expert out there are:

  1. Does it make sense to port something like this to the Salesforce.com world?
  2. Have you done it and with which experience?
  3. How would one implement the Event queue? Using Async Queuable jobs? Streaming API?

It's a powerful pattern, and when leveraged properly opens up a completely different programming paradigm. We've used this to do a lot of heavy lifting in consulting, and also to allow different packages to communicate with each other using domain events as glue between services.


Here's an Apex specification for domain-event emitting services: https://github.com/bigassforce/oasis

The benefits include:

  • context agnostic code
  • platform friendly at high volumes
  • the domain events give admins way more visibility than equivalent code

(An event monitor shows unprocessable events, work in progress etc, making everything accessible.)

It's entirely doable. But the main difficulty is one of understanding. Unless the developers or subsequent consultants have experience with event driven systems, it can be really hard to gain traction and get different departments from the organization all plugging in.

The Streaming API makes no guarantee of delivery and Apex code would be a poor consumer, so I'd stay away from that. Persisted events are the way to go.

Your SObject Work Queue is an excellent example of the class of worker process to consume the events. And the Services Package is an orchestrator for event-consuming services.

No doubt you've seen developers try to reinvent that. But they are reinventing the wheel. In fact, not the wheel. Queueing and eventing frameworks are complex and way outstrip the wheel. What they are attempting to reinvent is the jet engine.

The key implementation hurdles are:

  • avoiding dependencies
  • routing domain events
  • hardening the worker processes

The problem is, when reinventing the wheel, most people get that part right but not so much the jet engine. We've spent years reviewing eventing frameworks on Salesforce, and they've all had serious conceptual and performance issues lurking underneath.

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  • Do you know of any good documentation that would help someone take the right steps in this direction if they wanted to attempt it? – Xtremefaith Jul 27 '16 at 22:57

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