Why doesn't the below just display zero? Instead I'm getting 0E-8

    Decimal spend = 0.00;
    Decimal convertType = 1.000000;
    system.debug('Calculate: ' +  spend * convertType);

USER_DEBUG [94]|DEBUG|Calculate: 0E-8


What's happening here is that the scale of two Decimal values is additive when you multiply them. So you take a Decimal with scale 2 and a Decimal with scale 6, you end up with a Decimal of scale 8.

If you call setScale you can get a more normal result. Note, however, that 0E-8 == 0 is still true.

Decimal spend = 0.00;
Decimal conversionRate = 1.000000;
Decimal value = spend * conversionRate;
system.debug(value == 0); // outputs true
system.debug(value.scale()); // outputs 8
system.debug(value.setScale(2)); // outputs 0.00
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