I have a (free) managed package on the AppExchange. It is not an extension package, but it bundles nicely with a few other free packages. In order to help users get started, I tested out a Metadata API solution that would install my package and these other free packages using the InstalledPackage metadata type.

This works totally fine, and installs all the packages in the test org in one go. I'm pretty happy with how it works (Trialforce just isn't a great option in my case).

However, no new lead in the LMA is created for me! I don't use licenses, but I imagine no license would be created too...

This is a two part question:

1) how can I know about installs of my package done via InstalledPackage deployments?

2) if I were to release a paid app, would people be able to install my package for free with this trick?

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The answer was simpler than I expected. My package (in the LMA) has a "Refresh Licenses" button. On clicking it, it created the missing Lead and License object! This just means I need to get in the habit of refreshing licenses more.

LMA Screenshot

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