Is this correct way ?

I am trying to "View all cases which are related to the Contact I have on my current Case"
(Sibling Cases - Case records who shares same Contact as parent/lookup).

Example :

I am on detail page of

Case1 ---where Contact = Con1

Con1 --- has Case5,Case6,Case7,Case1 on it.

when I click "Custom_Button" it should show me all the Case records related to "Con1" i.e. Case5,Case6,Case7,Case1

STEPS : Case Record Details Page -> Related_List "Related Cases" -> Here I have one Custom_Button where

Button or Link URL = /500?id={!Contact.Id}

From sources I got this :

  • The internal server error message is occurring because the button is trying to override(/500?id={!Contact.Id}) the URL to bring the page to a list view that has an ID of a contact record, which cannot be done.

  • It works fine when an actual list view ID is referenced but will fail when the ID is a contact ID

Example: https://yp.my.salesforce.com/500?id=00B40000006c8YG

Any Ideas how can I achive this one ? Any Suggestions ?

  • you can easily achieve this on custom page or do you want to acheive this on standard list view. Feb 5 '16 at 9:22

Please change the URL to:


And keep the button behaviour as Display in existing window without sidebar or header

Please let me know if it works.


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    Great ! it works. @Shailesh Can you provide some Doc/link explaining this ! I mean to understand WHY in detail? Feb 5 '16 at 11:39

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