I need to update a multi-value picklist field with multiple values through workbench. I have tried using semi-colon between the values but have received an error that "

You May Only Select One Account Size Per Business Area. Please Revisit The Values You Have Entered

". Can anyone help me?

ID                 Account_Size
001g000000ibzXU    RTD - A; RTD - C
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    there is some custom validation which are preventing. check that. Feb 5 '16 at 8:13

The ; separator works for sure.

Sample Request body :

"attributes" : {
    "type" : "Account",
 "Id" : "0019000001dK6X2AAK"    

"hobby__c" : "Chess;RC Cars"

Here is screen shot that proved it works: enter image description here

There are many possible reason that its showing this error. for ex; Validation error (as commented by Tushar) or custom error from your apex

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