I am trying to prepare a zip file to import new articles into my org/sandbox but having trouble with mapping some key rich text area fields such as solution__c and Description__c. When I add them to the csv file that I am using in the zip file. I get the following error:

"This value [Description] in the header for column 6 cannot be mapped (check both the header and its matching FLS). [MESSAGE 4/16/2013 8:34 PM] -- Import Failed --"

I get the same error for both fields and some other standard fields such as publishstatus. I checked the field level security including all the required knowledge permissions and everything looks fine to me. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  • My first thought when seeing the words "rich text area" and "csv" together is a possible error in encoding that data. Are all the multi-line values surrounded by quotes and any inner quotes escaped? It doesn't really line up with the reported error, but it is worth checking. Commented Apr 18, 2013 at 4:26

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The column headers are case sensitive. So if your field is named Description_c, and the csv file column is named 'description_c', it won't work.

Publishstatus is a field that cannot be imported. All the imported articles are set to draft by default.

As far as I know, all the commas and quotes get escaped automatically if you're using MS Excel.


If you have checked the casesensitivity then select and copy that particular column where this error is showing or showing "This value [null] in the header for column 25 cannot be mapped (check both the header and its matching FLS)." after ctrl+C right click and do paste as values. It will work.

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