Today we got a notification from Salesforce to remove scripts from home page components and put them in Visualforce areas.

Eventhough we are not impacted by this specific notification, I am just curious to know whether calling a webservice method from a custom javascript button on standard page layouts will be impacted in the near future.

Calling a webservice from a custom button is critical to our integration process and we use a similar notation like below to call the underlying webservice from our custom button on the standard page layout.

 sforce.apex.execute(';SearchOutboundEscalations';,';CreateOutBoundEscalation';, {SId:cId});

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(#safeharbor) From the documentation I've read of late, the only change they've made is to set REQUIRESCRIPT tags to not execute until they're needed, which eliminates one of the loopholes we've been able to use to do things when a standard page loads.

However, there's been no announced changes saying that they're going to remove our ability to call sforce.apex.execute on a button click, or that we're eventually going to lose our AJAX Proxy. We should be able to use either method to perform our callouts for the foreseeable future.


Theoretically, they won't impact your implementations in near future. But as you might already know, these buttons (Custom JS) don't work in SF1 app and I am not sure about Lightning Experience future roadmap.

But as you are just using SFORCE JS SDK to calling you web-service method and making an API call, IMO SF wont stop supporting this.

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