I developed Canvas web APP using Java and I have a JSP page that renders the page and a FORM that takes input text and submit button .

After I press the Submit ,which in turn call the javascript function on click and do the AJAX post call which is also working fine, but on post back when I tried to get the request parameters the signedRequest is NULL.

The same one is working on the intial load of the page first time but not on post back. I am testing the page in Canvas Preview.

 Map<String, String[]> parameters  = request.getParameterMap();
    String[] signedRequest = parameters.get("signed_request");



Canvas passes this liquid object as "signed_object" parameter when you load a page. I guess when you are submitting the AJAX post call, your application is submitting the form and it is clearing all the params for last URL.

This is a very common scenario and that's why salesforce supports to regenerate this parameter. Refer below URL to regenerate this using Canvas SDK.

  // Gets a signed request on demand.

  Sfdc.canvas.client.refreshSignedRequest(function(data) {
        if (data.status === 200) {
            var signedRequest =  data.payload.response;
            var part = signedRequest.split('.')[1];
            var obj = JSON.parse(Sfdc.canvas.decode(part));



Thank You, it worked. I have one more thing to ask, I am doing POST and had the Apex class expose as rest service but I am getting 400 error. In debug logs I can see my do Post method was called and after that I could not see the debug line got executed. var sr = JSON.parse('<%=signedRequestJson%>'); var url = sr.client.instanceUrl + "/services/apexrest/Account/"; Sfdc.canvas.client.ajax(url, {client : sr.client, method: 'POST', contentType: "application/json", data: '{"name" : "Test Account" , "phone" : "1234567890"}', // Passing Accoutn name and phone success : function(data) { Sfdc.canvas.byId('arstatuspost').innerHTML = data.status;

@RestResource(urlMapping='/Account/*') global with sharing class AccountRestService{

@HttpPost global static String doPost(String name, String phone) { system.debug('In Post'); Account account = new Account(); account.Name = name; account.phone = phone;
insert account; return account.Id; } }


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