i am exploring about new Process Builders. I learnt that we can do a field update in process builder, but I am not sure if we can do it in the same way as we do it in workflow field update. I mean, can we update the value of the field based on a formula in process builder?

In the attached screen shot, I have the something called Operator drop down which I need to specify when building it. What if my formula return something called 'Yes' and I would like to assign stage field value as Closed Won if it is 'Yes'. What should I set in Operator then? In workflow field update I just need to specify the formula ex - if( date>'mm/dd/yy' ,' Closed won','Open'). How can I achieve that in process builder?

2 part) Can workflow field update use formula field in its formula condition but process builder can not use a formula field in Formula?

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In the Operator, you should choose Equals. And the type you correctly chose as Formula. When you chose the formula, below it, you need to enter your formula and click Use this formula.

You formula will be something like this (modify according to your needs). This is similar to how you write other formulae.)

if( opp.Close_Date__c>'mm/dd/yy','Closed won','Open')

The above formula output is Closed Won, that will be set as your Stage! You can further add more complex formula to set whatever stage you want as.

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