As I am reading this document on Aura inheritance:


Specifically around parent helper methods which can be overridden in child component. But no where in the documentation it mentions how do the actual implementation gets called.

Ex : cmp B extends cmp A. B overrides a method M present in A's helper.

How do I make some A's method call the B's version of M, instead of calling A's version.

Reading some articles its suggested to use : component.getConcreteComponent().getDef().getHelper().

Trying to find out : Is this acceptable way to call the overridden methods from Parent ?


The method you found is correct ( source1, source2 )

I don't find an alternative. Although if you are going to have multiple overridden methods on multiple classes, I suggest using an interface instead

  • Thanks for the links, those were the only 2 links I was able to find on this topic. Hence was wondering if thats the correct way of doing it. Maybe thats what it is then. Thanks again. – duskandawn Jan 20 '16 at 17:46

Unfortunately this is no longer possible when LockerService is activated (optional in Summer '16 and enforced in Winter '17). Further discussions see here

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