How to find out what is the developername value for a wave dashboard?


  • If you are looking for the label, thats the first thing you will find when you edit (Ctrl +E) the dashboard { "label": "CONTACT_US_DASHBOARD", "state": { "dataSourceLinks": [], "gridLayouts": [ { – Praneel PIDIKITI Jul 26 '17 at 22:19

Looking at Dashboards List Resource you could use the REST API to iterate the available Wave Dashboards.

From the example response the keyprefix for a Wave Dashboard is 0FK. You could check the Partner API for the corresponding sObject. If it is exposed a SOQL query could also iterate the available dashboards.


The easiest is on a dashboard to switch to JSON Editor via CRTL+E, at the top of the JSON you can see the developer name.


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