I have a very simple question for those who aren't as novice in visualforce as I am.

Currently I have a visualforce page that has an id associated to it by using the JavaScript code:

'/apex/ExampleLabel' + '?id=' + '{!ECS__RMA__c.Id}'

In the controller class I am getting the Id by:

Id xId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');

Which works. My very simple question is this: What is the visualforce counterpart to the above apex code? Essentially I want the visualforce code to read the page's Id. Is there a simple command to do this?

Also for future reference how do I encode more variables onto the url for a visualforce page? I know that doing the above JavaScript code will put the ID on the page, but what if I wanted to put, say, the value of {!Example} and call it from another visualforce page?


You can use {!$CurrentPage.parameters.id} to read the parameter (or any parameter, really) from the page. Remember to put that in quotes if you're going to use that within javascript.

Regarding new parameters:

If you use Apex you can do ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().put(<paramName>, <paramValue>);.

If you are going to redirect using Javascript, use simple querystring syntax: http://<theurl>?Param1=Value1&Param2=Value2...

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