I have a private chatter group in community. I want to post something in this group by System Admin.

When system admin create a FeedItem and putting ParentId = groupId programatically then getting following Exception :

INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY, insufficient access rights on cross-reference id:

I have also changes the Group Access as public or Unlisted, but error remain the same. Please help me for the same. Follwing is code :

FeedItem feed = new FeedItem();

feed.Body = 'Hello from Admin';

feed.ParentId = '0F9M00000009V7v'; // Community's Chatter Group ID 

feed.visibility = 'AllUsers';

insert feed;
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    Does the system admin user have explicit access to the Group? – Sebastian Kessel Jan 12 '16 at 8:09
  • Yes. system admin user have explicit access to the Group @Sebastian Kessel – Om Prakash Jan 12 '16 at 9:10
  • Class is sharing included. – Om Prakash Jan 12 '16 at 12:47
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    Try setting feed.NetworkId to the community's ID also. If the NetworkId isn't set, it defaults to the internal network, which the Chatter group is not a part of. You also don't need to set feed.visibility, because it only applies to posts on records (not groups). – alouie Jan 12 '16 at 22:09

I have fixed this issue. I have passed Network scope id.

feed.ParentId = ''; // Community's Chatter Group ID

feed.NetworkScope= ''; // ID of community (network)

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