I'm working on a project building an APEX REST API that would benefit by understanding the page layout for the user/record to decide on the response. It will feed a mobile app, and so I'm trying to manage/minimize API calls from the mobile device.

In short, I'm trying to callout to the REST api for /services/data/v36.0/sobjects/Account/describe/layouts/ (as an example) from within my apex class, using the response from that callout with some other data, to respond to the GET request for this apex class.

I've looked into JSON2Apex but I wasn't able to get it working correctly for the results from describe/layouts/.

Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated!

  • It returns a JSON response when you call this API? Is there any specific details you want to fetch out of the results? – Salesforcesmarty Jan 11 '16 at 23:39
  • Yes, the standard describe layout rest API returns JSON. I would like to pull the order of the fields from the layout, whether they are editable, etc. to render appropriately in a React Native app. I could accomplish this with several standard API calls, but that would be wasteful of API calls (and limits) and mobile bandwidth. – Rob Goldiez Jan 11 '16 at 23:42

This is how I will solve this issue.

I used "http://jsoneditoronline.org/" to display the JSON in organised way and then created a class structure to get the required details.

  1. LayoutRows - Each row on my layout
  2. Layoutitems - Fields on each row

    List < Layouts> layouts = (List< Layouts> )JSON.deserialize(String jsonString, Layouts.Class);

//jsonString is your response from the API call

Public class Layouts{

    Public ButtonLayoutSection buttonLayoutSection;
    Public DetailLayoutSections detailLayoutSections;
    Public EditLayoutSections editLayoutSections;
    Public RelatedLists relatedLists

    Public Class ButtonLayoutSection{


    Public Class DetailLayoutSections{
        Public Integer columns;
        Public String heading;
        Public LayoutRows layoutsRows;

    Public Class EditLayoutSections{


    Public Class RelatedLists{


    Public Class LayoutRows{
        Public LayoutItems layoutItems;
        Public Integer numItems;

    Public Class LayoutItems{
        Public boolean editableForNew;
        Public boolean editableForUpdate
        Public string label;
        Public string required;

I have not personally verified this code, but I have listed a structure to follow.

  • I'm getting an 'invalid type' error at compile when trying to invoke the class with the code you suggested here: List < Layouts> layouts = (List< Layouts> )deserialize(String jsonString, Layouts.Class); – Rob Goldiez Jan 12 '16 at 2:14
  • Update this to List < Layouts> layouts = (List< Layouts> )JSON.deserialize(String jsonString, Layouts.Class); – Salesforcesmarty Jan 12 '16 at 2:29
  • Thanks. I'm past the compile error so thank you. However, something is still not right. My REST API call returns an apex Object. So, I tweaked your string to JSON.serialize the Object from the API call. Everything compiles and saves, but a call to the new REST API (the one I'm trying to write, which in itself calls out to another API) returns a 500 server error and the stack trace points to the line of code we're discussing in these comments: System.JSONException: Apex Type unsupported in JSON: System.HttpResponse – Rob Goldiez Jan 12 '16 at 13:41

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