Using the Python FuelSDK, I am able to ​create​ a TriggeredSendDefinition with an ExclusionFilter, as well as ​update​ an existing TriggeredSendDefinition's ExclusionFilter. This uses the prop "ExclusionFilter", as documented here:


What I CANNOT do, is ​retrieve​ the "ExclusionFilter" field from an existing TriggeredSendDefinition, as documented here:

https://code.exacttarget.com/apis-sdks/fuel-sdks/triggered-sends/triggered-send-retrieve.html ("ExclusionFilter" is not in the list).

How can I retrieve the "ExclusionFilter" field from an existing TriggeredSendDefinition using the Python FuelSDK?

(I CAN see in the Exacttarget dashboard that the Exclusion Script of the TriggeredSendDefinition is filled in after I make the Python FuelSDK API call to update the "ExclusionFilter" field, so I know that part works.)


The ExclusionFilter is not current exposed as a retrievable property on the TriggeredSendDefinition object.

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