I want to embed a visualforce page inside a standard layout. Both page and extension are fine (Preview is working). Controller -

    public with sharing class ExpenseExtension{

        private final expense_report__c repo;
        public expenseExtension(ApexPages.StandardController std){
            this.repo = (expense_report__c)std.getRecord();

        public list<expense_item__c> getItems(){

            return [select serial__c, Appointment__c, AppointDate__c, Mode_of_Travel__c, Kms_Travelled__c, Expense_Incurred__c from
                    expense_item__c where expense_report__c = :repo.id];

Visualforce -

<apex:page standardController="Expense_Report__c" extensions="ExpenseExtension">
<apex:pageBlock title="Expense Items" >
   <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!items}" var="item" width="900px">
      <apex:column value="{!item.Serial__c}"/>
      <apex:column value="{!item.Appointment__c}"/>
      <apex:column value="{!item.AppointDate__c}"/>
      <apex:column value="{!item.Mode_of_Travel__c}"/>
      <apex:column value="{!item.Kms_Travelled__c}"/>
      <apex:column value="{!item.Expense_Incurred__c}"/>

When I try dragging the page I don't see any placeholder on the standard layout. What's the reason? What I'm missing, obviously I would like to have my inline page above the Approval History list.

enter image description here

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You need to first add a Section or Blank Space into which you will drag your VisualForce Page. You can then drag the page into either of these.


  • Hi Adrian, I have added the page section and dropped my visualforce page. Now I can only see my visualforce page and the whole standard layout has been overridden. Even after editing the page layout and removing the section is not working, I can only see the inline vf page for the whole record.
    – Jarvis
    Jan 7, 2016 at 3:48
  • 1
    Did you inadvertently override the View action at some point in your experimentation? Check Create > Objects > Expense_Report__c > Buttons, Links, and Actions.
    – Adrian Larson
    Jan 7, 2016 at 3:50

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