I'm trying to identify email subscribers from within a specified data extension who have not clicked since 2/1/2013, but my query isn't working.

I posted a similar topic yesterday, and received some great info, so I'm hoping that if someone here has a free second today, I could get some advice on my query.

SELECT b.Email
JOIN _Click c
    ON c.SubscriberID = b.Email
WHERE c.EventDate < '2013-3-1'

I want this query to say: From the data extension titled BRAND_PREPOLICY, give me all email addresses that haven't clicked since before 3/1/2013. Email address (field name = Email) is set as the subscriber key for the BRAND_PREPOLICY data extension.

I've tried a few tweaks, but I can't figure out why my resulting data extension is showing up empty after I run this query. We definitely had clicks in ET before 3/1/2013.


  • Can you post a sample of the EventDate column from _Click? If it is a Datetime column, I'm inclined to think that you may need to change the statement to: SELECT b.Email FROM BRAND_PREPOLICY b JOIN _Click c ON c.SubscriberID = b.Email WHERE c.EventDate < '2013-3-1T00:00:00Z' – ITAdminNC Jan 6 '16 at 20:02

System Data Views such as _Click only go back 6 months.

Source: http://help.exacttarget.com/en-US/documentation/exacttarget/interactions/activities/query_activity/


Mac is correct, the contents of the system data views only go back 6 months. To access click data older than this, you would need to preform a tracking extract. You could theoretically extract the data; import in a data extension; and then modify your query to reference the new data extension. However if you are needing to retrieve 2+ years of click activity (2013-3-1), you might be better off processing this data offline.

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