I just add Salesforce app for Outlook 365 and checked and it is working to add emails from outlook to Salesforce contacts. My requirement is when I create events in Salesforce for my sales users that events should sync their Outlook 365 OWA. earlier we use windows operating system so I used Salesforce for outlook and it was working fine. now we switched all system to MAC and office 365. So I just add in Salesforce app in outlook 365 but I am not getting option to sync Salesforce events to outlook 365.

Any help will appreciated.


As I'm sure you already know, Microsoft doesn't support add-ins on Outlook for Mac in the desktop edition at all.

For starters, be positive that you have enabled Salesforce App for Outlook. You can do this by clicking Setup > Administration Setup > Email Connect > Salesforce App for Outlook Settings. There will be a checkbox next to "Enabled," make sure this is checked. Above this you will find an overview to show you how it all works.

If your company aliases the Office365.com domain (ie: http://owa.mycompanywebsite.com), then you need to whitelist any domains you use outside of *.office365.com or *.outlook.com in the Microsoft Outlook Web App Whitelist section under the previously enabled section.

If you've already installed the App from the Microsoft Office Store (link), or enabled via the Exchange Admin Center/ECP, then this should be all you need to do to enable it.

After you've ensured these steps have been completed, use Chrome and log in to outlook.office365.com and look for the new Salesforce add-in by opening any email.

I recommend watching this short video (link) to see a brief overview of setting it up for your entire email organization.

For more information, see the Salesforce documentation (link).

Edit: Upon further research, it appears Salesforce doesn't support event syncing to Office 365 other than basic information. For events, it requires a downloadable add-in that is not supported on Mac (see here). I've researched and found a third party plug-in that seems to do exactly what you want, and here is a link to Cirrus Insight. I have no experience using this app but it seems like it might be perfect what you you need.

Good luck.

  • Thanks this is a very useful information but you got me wrong I already did these steps. I only want to sync sales user's outlook events to Salesforce and through above add-in I am able to add email to designated contacts but I haven't get any option to add or sync events. – Russel baker 1 Jan 6 '16 at 9:36
  • Hi, Can anybody help me to configure Exchange sync setup. Can I sync User's Salesforce events to User's office 365 calendar. @ITAdminNC – Russel baker 1 Jan 6 '16 at 10:16
  • @Russelbaker1 see the edit I just posted to my answer. It appears Salesforce doesn't support the full integration you are seeking, as page 5 outlines. I found a third party app that looks to do what you need, but I've never used it so I can't say how good it will work. – ITAdminNC Jan 6 '16 at 19:06
  • Thank you so much but our users are using MAC with Office 365 environment. So I am thinking to use Exchange sync setup. Salesforce provided the beta version to sync office exchange to Salesforce. so let's hope for the best. – Russel baker 1 Jan 7 '16 at 6:47
  • Were you ever able to work it out? I hope my answer at least provided some type of building block to get you on the right path. – ITAdminNC Jan 27 '16 at 13:22

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